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Audubon Society activities are responsible for many laws for the establishment of game commissions and game warden forces, or prohibiting the sale of game.

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Most fashion websites rely on the power of visuals to draw attention to them and let the product speak for itself. The use of photographs is imperative, large images and videos are very popular.

In most cases, the homepage consist of a large background photo and a navigation menu. The rest of the content is pushed to the background so it does not compete with the displayed product. Black and white is a common colour scheme for most fashion websites , especially those thatwant to convey an image of elegance and classicism, while young and playful brands use a lot of colour. The main objective of a fashion website is to keep the viewer in the site enough time for him or her to see the last collection of the product.

Some fashion websites have interactive elements and try to transform the visit into a sensory experience for the viewer. In this post we compiled 50 of the best fashion websites you can find on the Internet these days. Fashion websites tend to change from one season to another, so take a look quickly, before they are gone!

Diesel - Magic of Christmas. Diesel - Color Exposure. It was my experience that when reading articles, blog's and books that may hint at explaining clothes of specific eras, and fashion terms, that in the author's efforts to avoid being repetitive or not wanting to commit to a specific era, chose broad terms to describe a period and many ways of describing the same era.

This was very confusing for me. Below is a table that I hope will be helpful to relieve some of the confusion when you search. This could be a handy place to return to or put a table like this in your photo dating file. By researching some of these personalities and social movements, you can see samples of clothing.

If you have a photo of a nurse for example, think of nursing personalities or events that may show photos of a nurses uniform of that time period. If it's not the same uniform then at least you know what decade it's not!

Knowing the names of the parts of a dress will help you identify a decade. I started creating tables with the definitions of fashion terms and then realized that particular names of fashion items would change from one decade to the next.

I remember in the 60's for women, narrow pants below the knee were called "peddle pushers" and now the are called "capri's". In my mother's hay day strapless shoes were called mules, I asked her why and she said because you could kick them off. Look at your photograph and describe the parts and assign one term for it, for less confusions. When discussing your photo with someone remember they may have a different name for what you a describing, that's why you need a copy of your photo in your file not the original.

WWI Great War -. World War II -. Historic Events and Personalities Effecting Fashions. Research, Historical Personalities to study and compare their clothes. Inventors — Alexander Graham Bell. Presidents and Politicians — Lincoln, Grant , etc. Photographers — Mathew Brady. Anthon y, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Artist - Charles Dana Gibson. Rational Dress Reform - Amelia Bloomer. So if you have photographs with any of these items it will help you narrow down or dismiss any decade you had in mind or you can research the item further.

After lapels on men's jackets with the "M" notch are rarely seen. After pagoda sleeves were out of fashion. After Round floor length hoop skirts were out of fashion. After Civil War and not so much after the late 's, veterans and freed slaves headed West looking for work and found it driving cattle, they became the first American cowboys.

They work bandana's for the dust, leather chaps on their legs, dungarees and cowboy hats. In May 20, Levi Strauss patented blue jeans, denim, dungarees mostly worn by gold miners, farmers and cowboys. By , similar laws were enacted in about 12 other states. Audubon Society activities are responsible for many laws for the establishment of game commissions and game warden forces, or prohibiting the sale of game.

After WWI names of ships on sailor hats were no longer used. After cars lost that square look early cars had. Book References and Review: I have read the following books for my research in creating a new work, here at Photos Made Perfect.

Here you can find the topics of Photo Dating which are the physical properties of determining the age of a photograph, History of Photographic Processes". My reviews for the following books are focused on the photo dating for the genealogist , not necessarily on the history of fashions, cultural influence of fashions or value of the fashions or the value photograph itself. The thought behind these reviews is to help the genealogist sift through the best books that will aid in photo dating.

They are all good and each has a slant on topics with specific interest. So why promote the books you ask? Well, you can pretty much date any photograph with the information here on my site to begin that's my whole point.

However, these books offer more by going into more detail about a specific topic that pertains to what your looking for. These books offer amusing insights to why clothes morphed which helps to retain what you learned easily. Also buying these books you have access to the photographs to do as you wish with them, some people cut them out and frame them or use them as book marks.

My site is less yak with the emphasis on visual samples with to the point sentences. If you would like me to read and comment on your book only as the pertain to photos , just mail it to us free of charge and we will add it to this column after we have had a chance to read it.

Top of column, most recently reviews. If you want more information on a particular book, click or call, I don't mind sharing more, I could only say so much here. At first glance, without reading it, the images used, makes for a nice coffee table book. Through out the book were glossy pages with large images, some in color, most in sepia tones of the era so you could see details, which is the point of dating clothes that other books have lack.

I really liked that the children's chapter more in-depth, which I find other books to be weak in. Also there were more fashion terms used not found in other books which is always good to know more. She includes price guide for collectors of vintage clothing and images of clothing construction. Victorian Costume for Ladies , revised and expanded 2nd edition. Also by Linda Setnik. This book was in black in white harder to see detail , a treasure trove of historic research and more beautiful photographs.

Both books emphasize fashion history. Information about the physical properties of photo dating is included. Her credentials are excellent. Author is a consultant for a museum and graduated with honors in history. Unique photos to possible find the fashion your looking for. Author is a collector of photographs. Excellent source for finding that one garment your looking for and a back up as a second source to what you already know.

Easy light reading and amusing stories. I particularly like her credentials and excellent illustrations by her, she is a customer designer for Hollywood. Old Jewelry by C.

If the photo your trying to date has a really good close up of jewelry, you will want to look at what I have here on my sight and if not you will want this book. How to Buy Photographs by Stuart Bennett. Good because of images of everyday people fashions instead of famous, rich people in formal portraits or magazines that really does not reflect reality, just like the magazines today.

Mostly black and white fashion plate drawings and 8 glossy fashion plates in color. I like it again for a secondary source for the period of including children. Other Miscellaneous photo dating items here. Beautiful collection of women's hats that you won't find in the internet. Many photos from the Library of Congress. I would like to have seen more photo dating remarks with each sample. I like Godey's books because he was there!

It's great that people like this author published it again. Mostly drawings and fashion plates. The Way They Were: Dressed in Volume 2 by Donna J. I like this author because she gave a lengthily description on how she came to be a teacher of civil war fashions, so I felt it was very credible.

The personal collection of her photos was staggering, nicely done so you can see details she spoke about. Too bad it was only 2 decades. You need this book, when all you have is a very tiny bust shot with no real detail of the clothes. Dates and description of the dresses not a lot of yak, perfect for photo dating. All drawings black and white. Dating Old Photographs , second edition by Robert Pols. I liked this book because it confirmed my findings in the internet and touched on a little bit of all the topics of photo dating that found most helpful, like the physical properties in the section here at this site "History of Photography Methods" and photographer style and props.

There weren't very many photo samples and they were small but it was loaded with information in charts that were hard to read. I read this book many years ago and still reference it today. Emphasis was on technical photography style and processes.

No credentials stated, sound very much like a photography buff. Smithsonian, Fashion, the definitive history of costume and style. I love this book because it is over the top, for the attention deficit reader, an encyclopedia of fashion designers and timelines, for the professional interested in fashion history.

The images will blow you away. It reads like a magazine with short paragraphs. It covers daywear, evening wear, sports wear, and FYI, nothing about children. It started with ancient world which takes up half the book, then to include timelines and designers up to the present. It's impossible to do any era justice in 2 pages. Photo dating for the genealogist just trying to get a date from to , not so much. A good resource for secondary confirmation if you find what applies to you.

Search for relatives in rescued photo albums with full names! Read about the value of photographs. Learn what decade a photo was taken? Compare apples to apples. The old adage, "You get what you pay for" still applies.

Before and After Military Restorations. Scrapbooking Inspirations and Solutions. Handling and Storage of Photographic Materials.

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