Pleated skirts are everywhere for fall, and one of my favorite closet staples to wear year-round. Teamed with midi and maxi as well as mini hemlines and unexpected textures like leather, and styled with moto and baseball jackets and slouchy sweaters and tees over blazers and oxfords, pleated skirts no longer just scream preppy.

Tall high heeled, wedged, and platform boots will also work. The photo shows platform sandals, but most heeled sandals, cage heeled sandals, or heeled sandal wedges will work. Super retro and of course, the socks are optional. T-Strap Mary Jane Pumps:

Black boots with a white sweater dress or white boots with a black sweater dress will look chic. So will red boots with a gray sweater dress. But if you are wearing a belt, color-coordinate the belt with the boots (not necessarily in the same hue but in similar tones).
Midi-skirts defy the seasonal calendar. You can wear them in the spring, baring your arms in a jersey tank top. Slip on some tights and a cozy sweater, and you're ready to dash through the cold.
Lulus Exclusive! If you've got a special occasion that needs that X-tra boost of style, wear the X Marks the Spot Black Midi Dress! This stylish black dress has a single off-the-shoulder strap that elegantly frames the neck and back as it travels down the seamed bodice to craft a unique X pattern.
Midi length dresses and skirts, both flared and form fitting, are trending now and for the next couple of seasons. It’s important to get the footwear right in order to wear them with panache and avoid looking and feeling dowdy. Petites, don’t despair because you can wear midis.
Midi dresses can be anything but boring, especially if you’re shopping yours from our newest knee length dresses collection. We’ve got jersey dresses for those casual events and we’ve got something a little classier suited for those more formal events.

How To Wear Midi Dresses In Winter In the past I used to wear super short skirts all the time. Okay, they weren’t necessarily super short and it wasn’t all the time, but a few years ago, barely a week would pass without seeing me in my old denim mini skirt or flared black skirt that skimmed my .

Nude tights give the illusion on not wearing any, but your legs are still kind of I repeat, kind of warm. By the way, this tartan midi skirt is my favourite AW purchase this year!

Who decided these rules anyway? Oh yeah, that was me, above. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google plus 0. You may also enjoy: What to wear to work in a …. Forget about boots if the dress is longer than mid-calf. Don't wear ankle boots because, with a floral dress, they would create a granny-like look.

Stay away from suede boots or fur-trimmed boots. They would look too winter-like to accompany a floral print. Choose boots in the same hue as one of the floral pattern's colors; or go for an earth tone like brown, which will be in harmony with all flower colors.

Look for a pair of boots at least mid-calf length, preferably knee-high, to enhance the school-girl look of the plaid dress. Wear a black pair of boots, which will match most plaid patterns, or opt for white if the plaid is in pastels. Determine the length of the boots based on the length of the dress. The shorter the dress, the higher the boots. Consider thigh high for a mini denim dress.

Avoid stiletto heels, which go against the casual nature of denim. For clubbing, the heels can be high, just not too thin. In most cases, low-heeled or flat boots match denim better. Be bold about the boot color. Red will be hot, purple cool and silver foxy. All colors go with denim. In my mind, I kept going back to pumps when visualizing midi outfits but the boot combinations just rock my world!

All these models look very tall. Can a petite person wear flats with midis or does it have to be heels of any size to help elongate the legs? If the flats or booties are close to the skin tone will that work? Does this mean contrast colored footwear should be left to taller gals?

For the shape of the midi, can a petite gal wear a fuller skirt midi such as an a-line? Form fitting will not work on my pear shape very well, too much bum exposure for my taste. Last question, I thought boots with skirts should have a space of exposed skin between the hemline and the boots.

Yet the 2 knee high boots outfit has them touching, why does this work? Is it because the dress has movement to it? I will have to do a lot of experimenting with this look to find something that works for me, but I can see myself wearing a midi with flat riding boots this fall and winter. This is so helpful and will be a great reference tool for the future if I ever find a midi. Anige, thank you for sharing this valuable information. I have a few midi skirts and dresses in my cloest, but I was unsure what footwear to pair with them.

Now I feel as though I have a better idea of what shoes to wear with my midis. Thanks for the great post! I love these practical explanations on how to wear certain styles. So refreshing to see these new silhouettes at play! I know a common misconception is that midi length is frumpy and outdated, but these examples show the length can be classic, edgy, boho, or urban depending on the styling, with shoes being a key element.

These posts you do are very helpful, Angie! Such a fab post! I love all of these looks! I guess I am an equal opportunity midi lover: Wonderfully informative post, Angie.

I wish I were brave enough or young enough to try the t-strap pump with socks! I have a quick question. You suggest that certain looks work better if a woman has a naturally long leg line. Does this imply that she must be tall?

As you are probably aware, I am not tall, but I do have relatively long legs for my frame. I think the length in 2 and 3 is the most flattering. Too much longer and it is too much dress on a small person.

The detailed descriptions of all the different looks, and what to pay attention to to make them work, are super helpful, and so are the outfit pictures. I keep forgetting that waist definition can actually help lengthen the leg line, great reminder. I love the minimalist feel of 8 and will definitely be trying many of the footwear options too. Can my new SW black over the knee boots be worn with a midi and if so what shape midi would be suitable?

Same question with the new Aquatalia black boots. They hit under the knee, does that difference in height of the top of the boot affect the shape of midi they can be worn with? I do really like the shape of the black dress in pic 2, and the outfit in pic 8. It seems like the slit in the skirt in pic 8 is very important to keep the whole outfit from looking too heavy.

Great post, very helpful! Just a few weeks ago I was very unsure about what kinds of shoes will work with midi. Thanks for the tips! If you have a moment, perhaps you could be more specific?

Marlene 1, to get you started on the hosiery question: Steph, you are spot on. I have a few very long-waisted clients who feel more proportioned when they belt a little above their natural waist. Lisa, all great questions! Low heels are fine for petite gals — and they can be contrasting too.

Remember that you can also lower the colour contrast of footwear by wearing it with matching hose. By all means wear flared midis! Rute, Modgrl and MaryK have successfully worn that midi style on our forum. Diana, extremely good point about wearing boots that are fitted at the ankles when the heels are lower.

Sandy, with a longer midi for sure. Almost calf-length for tall you. Your Aquatalias are very fitted at the ankle and easy to walk in. So you already have the boots! I might actually buy a new dress for the first time in years. What I meant was that I prefer to wear a looser and longer A-line midi than the more form fitting dresses on Laura that you linked to.

My question was, as a petite, do all these shoe options especially the boots work the same for me if I were to wear the dresses you pictured in this post. I love the look of 9, but my boots come up closer to my knee than the boots on this model. I notice none of these looks involve tights.

9. Layered Midi Wear a mini over a midi, or a midi over a maxi. Keep the looser, flowier layer on the bottom and the stiffer, sleeker layer on top for a cute little kick when you walk. Midi length dresses and skirts, both flared and form fitting, are trending now and for the next couple of seasons. It’s important to get the footwear right in order to wear them with panache and avoid looking and feeling dowdy. Petites, don’t despair because you can wear midis. Cara Delevingne street style - tight black midi dress and long tan trench - celebrity fashion Perfection in an outfit. Black strapless dress, camel coat and black sandals. I could live in this outfit. - I think you mean "Perfection in an outfit: Cara Delevingne" Obsessed with the camel coat.